So, what with school going full-swing and all, I’m starting to lose momentum blogging, which is something that I don’t want to do, actually. That being the case, I’m instigating a few small changes here and there that should help me keep up a decent pace.

The biggest one is that I’m starting Picture Mondays, where I just pick a visual, book-related something that I find cool off of my Pinterest or from around the internet and share it here. I think it’ll be fun and it’s a good way to find new art or just fun quotes to start the week with.

I’m also granting myself one “post day” a month that I can miss. I may see about getting a guest blogger here and there as well if need be.

But, I’m hoping that these changes will help me from going MIA for weeks like I did last year. So, fingers crossed! I’ll be back on Friday with (hopefully) a book review of Neuromancer.