So, this one just really isn’t my cup of tea. Thankfully, it was only three bucks at our local used bookstore, so it’s not like I’m out that much money.

Neuromancer is well-written, atmospheric, and even decently fast-paced, but I just didn’t enjoy it. I never connected with the characters and often, after pages of reading, I’d realize that I had no memory of what I’d read before, and therefore had no idea what was going on.

The best part of the book is the detail and the descriptions. I can picture the cheap neon lights at night and the dark drizzly streets incredibly clearly. It’s really cool and it’s a sign of good writing. Maybe that’s why I’d get sucked into the book, despite not giving two hoots about the characters or even the plot.

Which, of course, was the book’s biggest flaw, in my humble opinion. I really didn’t care about the main characters – to the point that I wasn’t sure that I was remembering their names correctly. And since I was unsure on the names, as characters came and went, and secrets were revealed, I was never quite sure who was talking about whom – it made the whole thing hard to follow.

But, anyways, not really for me, but I can see why other readers would like it (very much like my reaction to Game of Thrones, but with less cringing). I recommend it to people who enjoy edgy dystopian sci-fi.