I love borrowing books (usually only from select few, because I am notorious for taking my time to return them – they will be returned… it just might take a while), but, like any good bookwyrm, I actually guard my own library hoard really closely.

Basically, if I let you borrow a book, I trust you with my life.

I do have a few rules though:

  1. The book will come back to me in the same (or better) condition than it left me.
  2. Pets will not be allowed near said book. Neither will toddlers – both jeopardize Rule #1.
  3. My book may go with you to the park or to the office (though I’d rather it not), but I draw the line at it leaving the county. Leaving the state is also a no-no. Leaving the country is right out.

That’s actually really about it – I’m much less draconian about the whole thing than one would think. However, I have been known to get snarly if I find one of my books has been mistreated (The Beloved Husband is currently on the receiving end of my displeasure because he dripped hot chocolate on my copy of Fool Moon).

Anyways, what are your lending laws, if you lend out your babies books at all?