So, fellow blogger, Shannon M. Howell, has launched her new book review site and is celebrating by giving away some cool stuff – you should check it out!


Free Stuff

If you haven’t yet checked out my new site, today’s your day!  I’m running a giveaway over there, so I do hope you’ll check it out.  The site is:

For those of you who write, if you have a short story, flash fiction, or an excerpt from a longer piece, I’d love to share it there.  I’ll do links to any blog, personal website, or purchase location you’d like.   The site’s focus is fiction for YA & adults.  I’d really love the site to help people find new (to them) authors – especially indies, but that means I need samples!  :)

And, of course, since I know you all love to read, take a look around and see if you can find something you’d like to dive into.  Also, if you are an avid reader, and would like to do book reviews, please drop me a line!

(posted Nov. 14 by Shannon M. Howell)