So, my New Year has certainly started off with excitement and change. We sent The Beloved Husband off to New Orleans for a month or so, so I am a solitary bookwyrm for a while (sadness :(). In his absence, I’ve decided to crochet an afghan/quilt in addition to crafting a chain-mail shirt out of old soda tabs for this upcoming Halloween (bookwyrms, you see, as well as being studious, must be industrious as well).

In addition to my crafty-ness, I have also gotten my hands on the latest Iron Druid Chronicles installment, Trapped, and am happily making my way through it. I’m still waiting for Jim Butcher’s Cold Days; I believe I’m 16th in the queue now. These two will make a solid start towards my goal of reading 35 books that I have never read before, and at least 7 of them must be outside the Fantasy genre.

I’m also editing a friend’s 280 page manuscript and a work of fiction written by my mom . And of course, the new semester starts in a few weeks.

So, 2013 looks to be a busy and productive year – if the first week is any indicator. Should be fun!