13536649So, the latest installment of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles has come out and I got it! It’s pretty good, par for the course in the series, really – nothing really, super spectacular, but fun to read and the parts I enjoyed made up for the parts I didn’t.

The book takes place twelve years after the last one. Atticus and his apprentice, Granuaile have been in hiding, flying safely under the radar thanks to the rumors of Atticus’ death. But a slight snag comes up – it’s time to bind Granuaile to the earth and make her a full Druid, but beginning the ritual alerts the world that Atticus is still alive, and so the enemies come flying in, all set on settling old scores. Between Roman gods, Norse gods, vampires, and dark elves, performing the binding becomes way more difficult than it should and time is running out.

It really is a fun story. Atticus’ snark and wit are ever-present, Oberon stays more dog-like than usual (which I like – sometimes his adopted personas get distracting), and Granuaile is a solid apprentice – not too whiny, bright, and cheerful. The plot itself is multi-faceted, which makes it fun to read and, even when the twists are more obvious than not, the amount of action keeps you guessing.

As usual, the only thing that prevents me from fully enjoying the series is Atticus’ combative attitude towards Christianity (to be clear – it’s the Christians he dislikes, not the Christian deities). Yes, it makes sense – he is, after all, the only Druid to survive the ancient Catholic purge and he worships his own pantheon of gods, but I don’t really need the digs at monotheistic faiths that Hearne injects into Atticus’ dialogue in every book. I’ve gotten the point by now, and I’d appreciate a gentler touch in that regard.

Other than that flaw, I recommend this story to Fantasy lovers – especially if you like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.