heartToday is The Beloved Husband’s and my second anniversary! Yay!

To honor this occasion, I’m posting a short list of “our” books (kinda like “our song”, but nerdier… “our” song, btw, is Faithfully by Journey).

  • Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This was my first attempt at getting The Beloved Husband to read back when we were dating. We’d read a chapter a night – or, rather, I’d read a chapter aloud to him each night. We got through all of Fellowship and half of Two Towers before putting it on hiatus due to school and wedding planning and such. We should really pick it up again!
  • William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. We read this to each other when the other is sick. We do it one chapter at a time, so we’re on chapter five – I’ve read two chapters aloud, Beloved Husband has read three. This last bout of illness got us both simultaneously, so we just slept and watched a lot of TV – no reading aloud due to sore throats. 😦
  • Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. This is the one that did it – it got him hooked on reading! Thanks to Harry and his adventures, I now get to cuddle with my husband and we read together. Happy Anniversary to me!!

So, there we are, the books that have endeared us to each other over the years! Do you guys have any similar books that you “share” with your significant other? If so, what are they?