Today’s prompt is:


“What was your favorite book at the age of 9 1/2 or 13 3/4 (whichever you remember best)?”

Lessee… that would be 5th grade and 8th grade respectively…

In 5th grade, I was well entrenched in my Redwall phase, so my favorite book was probably Marlfox or, if that one wasn’t out yet, it would have been Redwall itself.

I loved the hares and the squirrels especially, and strutted around my yard saying, “toodle pip” and “wot wot” quite a bit. I also loved Jacques’ riddles and his descriptions of the food! Oh, the food! His books also inspired my map drawing phase and my riddle writing phase.

DragonsongIn 8th grade, I was exploring various Star Wars novels and other kinds of Sci-fi, but I think Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsinger would have to have been my favorite.

I adored the fire lizards and often pondered just what would go into genetically engineering one (I finally decided that crossing a bat, an iguana, and a cat ought to do the trick). Anne McCaffrey was also the first writer who had racial and familial rules for her names – all of her dragons’ names ended in “th” and the dragonriders’ names were a combination of their parents’ names (shortened once they came of age). I thought that trend was brilliant and applied it to my own character creation.