Pride & PrejudiceToday’s prompt is:

“Name one book that has a story for you – a reminder of something specific in your life (person, place, or thing).”

This prompt was actually pretty difficult initially, since all of my books come with specific memories. I read my copy of Shalador’s Lady when the Beloved Husband and I were house-sitting after we first got married (it was the first book I read as a married person). The Lord of the Rings was my first marathon read and also my first really bad case of eyestrain. I read Salamandastron in the elm tree in my great-grandma’s backyard the summer of my seventh grade year.

But, the book that has the most memories attached to a specific copy would be…

You guessed it – Pride & Prejudice.

My mom owns a hardcover companion to the 1996 A&E miniseries, so that was the first edition that I read. I kind of stole it while I lived with my parents; I’m pretty sure that, once I discovered it, it spent more time in my room than on Mom’s bookshelf. That specific cover reminds me of drinking hot chocolate on the couch, wrapped up in blankets while I read with the cat.

Mom wouldn’t let me take that copy with me when I moved, but, a few months ago, I was lucky to find an identical copy in one of our local used bookstores – complete with dust jacket and no marks on the pages! I snapped it up.

So, now, in addition to the comfortable childhood memories of home and hot chocolate, this book also has the joyful memory of a reunion and the glee that comes from an unexpected and awesome find in a bookstore!