Today’s prompt is:

“Who was the first fictional character that you desperately wanted to be real?”

Hmmmm… tough question, this one.

My childhood imagination ran so wild and rampant that it never occurred to me to wish a fictional character into reality, since playing make-believe made them real enough with almost no effort. I was more likely to imagine interacting with my favorites without thinking than I was to sigh over their lack of corporeal form.

jo and laurieI want to say Jo March or Laurie Lawrence from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, but I feel like there were characters that I loved before them – however, maybe they were the first that I consciously knew weren’t real and wished otherwise. I had always wanted older siblings, especially an older brother, hence my attachment to Laurie, who became an honorary brother to the March sisters.

princessSara from Francis Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess might pre-date the cast from Little Women. I loved her imagination, her doll collection, and her dresses. I always thought that she would be a great playmate. My favorite chapters were the ones where her garret is transformed from a drab room to a cozy hideaway.

I’m actually a little surprised that none of my characters come from fantasy novels or faerie tales. As a child, I think I knew better than to wish the Snow Queen into reality, even though I thought she was cool. And I wasn’t exposed to the talking horses in C. S. Lewis’ A Horse and His Boy until much later.

So, there they are, the desired fictional playmates of my youth.