Today’s prompt is a fun one!

“What is your most interesting or your strangest reading quirk?”

Well, the Beloved Husband says that the one that he notices the most is that I cannot be interrupted when I’m reading a new book. I guess that is true – there is no “reading in stages” for me; it’s all about the marathon reads.

To that end, since I really do have to finish books in one sitting, I usually start reading in the evening, after I’ve finished everything that I needed to do that day. This does pose certain problems of its own though, the most notable of which is the looming bedtime. I am no stranger to putting the book away and turning out the light, only to wait til the Beloved Husband is asleep and snoring before turning the light back on to finish my book. Those late nights make for “fun” mornings and long workdays. 😕

I would say that the quirk that has earned me the most funny looks from other people is my tendency to interact with the text verbally. This includes, but is not limited to, loud exclamations of “Hey!” and “What are you thinking, idjit??”, or the infamous “Oh, don’t you dare!!”. Sniffs, snorts, huffs, indignant squeaks, and various other sounds of both amusement and protest are frequent as well.