Yesterday’s prompt (which I sadly missed – my apologies) was:

“Name your last read, your current read, and the book you will read next.”

Well, my last read was Jim Butcher’s Cold Days (which I really need to get around to reviewing – I’ve fallen sadly behind in that area). I’m currently perusing Faeries of the Celtic Lands by Nigel Suckling. I’m actually not sure what I’ll read next… I’ll have to look through my GoodReads, Amazon, and B& recommendations and see if anything strikes my fancy.

I am, of course, only looking at pleasure reading. I just finished Dante’s Inferno for school and I’m currently wading through a myriad of Sociology textbooks. There’s a Psychology text that I need to buy before the end of the semester which will be used for my final paper in that class, so we can safely bet that that’s what I’ll be reading next in that realm.