Today’s prompt is:

“Do you re-read a lot? Why or why not? What’s a book that you have read many times?”


I do re-read a lot. For every brand new book that I read, I probably re-read at least three old favorites (so I may list only 30 books on my GoodReads Challenge, but I’ve really read closer to 120 if you count my re-reads).

To my mind, re-reading is a nice way to wind down and relax. I already know what’s going to happen, so a lot of the suspense is gone, so I just end up submerging myself in a familiar story and enjoying my favorite parts. It’s like putting on a movie or TV show that you have memorized while you’re doing something tedious. Even if it’s an action flick, you’re just going with the flow and enjoying as you tune in and out.

For that reason, I usually only bring books to re-read in the tub. I found that if I bring new ones, I get sucked in and by the time I reemerge, the water is cold and my back is cramping – thus rendering the reading in the tub moot since I’m no longer relaxed.

Since I re-read so often, I can’t (as usual) only name one book. My top five are:

  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Reserved for the Cat by Mercedes Lackey
  • Ransom by Julie Garwood
  • Searching for Dragons by Patricia Wrede
  • The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady by Gerald Morris