Today’s prompt is:

“Name a few books that prompted a physical response from you (i.e. threw it across the room, curled up, threw up, etc.).”

Well, I’m a very interactive reader. I yell at my books while reading them; I laugh, exclaim, whimper, and snark. I also move around and gesture a lot, so the list of applicable books is a looooong one.

So… as usual, my top five.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows got thrown across the room many, many times as I yelled at it and took Harry’s and Rowling’s name in vain.
  • Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop caused me to curl up in a little ball and physically hold the book away from myself as I read certain scenes in mute horror (it is one of the few novels to render me speechless).
  • Game of Thrones caused me to jump up and shriek “YES!!!! HA-HA!!” when one of the most hateful characters buys it in a very fitting, gruesome way. The rest of the time, it had me hunched in a ball, growling and when I finished, I couldn’t stop pacing for a good thirty minutes.
  • I frequently shook Cassandra Claire’s Clockwork Angel while hissing, “what is the matter with you?? Grow [insert any expletive] up!!” because it was the closest I could get to shaking her main character (and oh, does she need shaking).
  • The original Rapunzel faerie tale caused me to wince and draw back with an “oooh!!” the first time I read it. Like all of the source material for Disney fluff, the original was much more gruesome and horrific.