Today’s prompt is”

“What is your favorite series? What is your favorite book within that series?”

Well, currently, I’m a fan of Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series. It’s a toss-up between Dreams Made Flesh and Shalador’s Lady for my favorite book out of that series. I really enjoy Cassidy and Gray in the latter, but Dreams Made Flesh has the short story, “The Prince of Ebon Rih”, which is, I think, my favorite story of them all.

Dreams Made Flesh

As a child, my favorite series was Brian Jacques’ Redwall  series, my favorite of which was either Marlfox or Lord Brocktree. The former had awesome villains and a fun adventure, while the latter was really funny and had fun protagonists. As always, both books had clever riddles and amusing songs and the most wondrous descriptions of food!marlfox