So, today’s prompt is:

“Name one character you would have liked… except for that ONE quirk that drove you nuts.”


This is surprisingly hard. I usually either love characters or hate them; they’re either my best friend or I think they’re a moron, so thinking of one that aaaalmost made it, but not quite is hard.

I suppose Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter would fit in that category. I don’t hate her like some of the fandom does, but I never really got to like her. She always seemed kind of… tacked on? Kinda blurred, personality-wise?

I suppose what prevented me from bonding with her was that she never seemed to stand out sharply as her own character in the same way that Luna, Neville, the Twins, or even Percy did. Everyone in her family had some defining quirk – her dad was fascinated by Muggles, her mom was motherly and always bustling about, Percy was an uptight perfectionist, Bill was super laid-back, Charlie worked with dragons and was pretty unflappable, the Twins were… well… the Twins, and Ron was a loyal friend and sibling despite being prone to jealousy.

And then there was Ginny. She was the only girl… played Quidditch (though most of her brothers did that as well), had several boyfriends… the movies made her more powerful magically, but I don’t remember if that’s book-canon. But for all that, she still seems rather blurred to me.

So perhaps I don’t dislike her because of a specific quirk, rather, I dislike her because of her lack of quirks.