Yesterday’s prompt was:

“Do you prefer character driven books or plot driven books?”

I honestly don’t know. It really depends on the book and what I’m looking for in the story.

Character driven books are fun because you can get some really in-depth character development. They drive the action rather than the action driving them, so the twists in the story can be really unexpected – actually, character driven stories can produce really complex plots (which are always fun to read). The danger though is that some twists may seem tacked on instead of woven in and the plot may wander since it’s based on how the characters develop.

Plot driven books tend to be very cohesive and coherent. The twists and turns in the story are firmly woven in from the beginning – that doesn’t mean that they are predictable (though that can happen), but it does mean that when they finally happen there’s that feeling of, “I should have seen that coming!”. Since the plot is what drives the characters, we can often get some really strong ones since there are specific instances that spur their development. On the flip side though, writers may fall into using archetypes to populate their story, since it’s the quest that is the focus, not the individual players.

I have favorites in each of these schools of writing, so I really can’t choose between them.