Today’s prompt is:

“Who is your least favorite villain?”

Well, I talk about what makes an awesome villain in this post. The three main characteristics are:

  • Being a slime – smarmy, duplicitous, disingenuous, and just… slimy…
  • Being crafty, cunning, diabolically clever, etc.
  • Having an air of malice or being creepily sinister.


Not having these characteristics means that a character will fall flat for me as a villain. Sadly, Kevin Hearne’s portrayal of Thor as a villain in Hammered is one of those instances.

Hearne’s Thor is just a divine bully to other gods and mortals alike. He is childish, boorish, and temperamental. Maybe that falls loosely under being a slime, but it’s stretching it. He is definitely not cunning or clever and he certainly isn’t sinister. The stories that the characters trade about his cruelties paint him as a spoiled two year-old who unfortunately controls thunder and lightning. Nothing really special there.

Beyond just not seeming overly villainous (at least, not worth the build up that he got, and certainly not worth his own book), Hearne’s portrayal of Thor flies completely in the face of all the myths and original stories. Thor had a temper, yes, but he was a defender of gods and man, and a surprisingly clever strategist when pushed. Hearne at least acknowledges those stories by having one of the characters make a quip that the Norse Pantheon had a really good PR department and that those stories are basically lies and propaganda. Eh… not buying it.

So, given the lack of what really makes a villain work for me and what I consider a flawed premise, Kevin Hearne’s Thor has to be one of my least favorite villains.