Today’s prompt is:

“What is your favorite fictional character relationship (romantic, familial, platonic)?”

Well, I have lots of favorite romantic ones (coughlizziedarcycough), but I’ll list Cimorene and Mendenbar from Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles, just to spice things up a bit! 😉 Their relationship is in my top five because it’s built on a mutual respect that turns into trust that becomes love and the series shows that that is the kind of love that lasts. Both of these characters are competent and confidant in their own right, but they work better together and they are comfortable with that. Not to mention, they’re just adorable together.


My favorite familial relationships would have to be between Lucivar, Sataen, and Daemon in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series. As the family patriarch, Sataen is a strong, protective father who watches the antics of his grown sons with amused patience. However, that patience doesn’t mean that he won’t put them in their respective places if they need it (in a manner usually both effective and amusing).

Lucivar and Daemon are loving brothers to each other, despite their often opposite tempers, and they respect their father very much. The best part of this familial triangle is that they disagree – many times, heatedly – but no matter how bad the disagreement or hurt, they will forgive each other and they will move on, though sometimes it takes longer than others.

Black Jewels Trilogy (Single Book Edition)

I suppose my favorite platonic friendship would have to be Jo and Laurie from Little Women. They fight, they support each other in times of crisis, they scheme and get into mischief, and in general act as friends would. They’re fun to read about and make an incredibly believable couple of friends.

jo and laurie