Today’s prompt is:

“What was the first book you remember loving/being obsessed with? The first book that made you cry? The first book you gave someone as a gift?”

Redwall U.S. CoverI loved Brian Jacques’ Redwall from 4th grade to probably my Junior year of high school. I read and reread it constantly as a child, learned mole-speech, wrote riddles, drew maps, and even made my own green ink out of grass and glycerin at one point.

Also during my Redwall phase, I designed and constructed a working bow by steaming a smooth branch over the tub so that I could shape it and then I made the bowstring by braiding some of Mom’s sewing thread together and coating it with beeswax (as the main character did in Pearls of Lutra). I made the arrows out of water plant reeds and fletched them with the long, narrow leaves – when all was said and done, I could fire them a good ten feet across the back yard! Then, of course, my parents noticed my weaponry and confiscated it – I actually have no idea whatever happened to it. So, parents, let this be a lesson to you – kids who read figure out how to do crazy stuff! 😉

3367817The first book that made me cry was Marguerite Henry’s San Domingo: The Medicine Hat Stallion. Basically, boy meets horse. Boy adopts horse. Boy loves horse. Horse loves boy. Child reader loves horse. Horse gets shot and dies. Child (in tears) throws book across the room and refuses to finish it, ever.

And, lastly, the first book I ever gave as a gift was Tolkien’s The Hobbit. I gave it to one of my friends for his twelfth birthday. Alas, he wasn’t (and still isn’t) a big reader, so he never got the enjoyment out of it that I did 😦

Any more book firsts you can think of?