220px-Gaiman,_Neil_(2007)So, it has finally happened – one of my favorite authors is coming to my hometown to promote a new book! Cool addition, the event is being held in the auditorium/theater of my old high school.

Ladies and Gentlemen, on July 6th, 2013, the illustrious Neil Gaiman will be coming to town!


Seriously, this never happens to me. A lot of my favorite authors are either a) dead or b) British and feel no need to travel “across the pond” as it were – at least not to a non-major city such as mine. Same thing happens with my favorite bands too, come to think of it…

Anyways, the book he’s promoting is called, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. The projected release date is June 18 of this year, but I’m seeing reviews on GoodReads already, so I think that release date must just be for the US.

So, now to go buy my tickets and decide if I want to take along Neverwhere or American Gods for an autograph.