StormFront_Hardcover_1-120So my wonderful wife has finally roped me into writing something for her. I’ll be filling in for her as your guest writer today, next Wednesday, and next Friday as well.

As some of you may know, until recently I wasn’t much of a reader. Granted, I read a lot of articles online, but I was never much for novels. My main problem has been that I’m not a particularly fast reader (something my beloved wife still teases me about) and I would make such slow progress in a novel that I would forget the beginning of a book before I got to the ending. This has been the case for most of my life, much to my English teachers’ chagrin. That’s why  my wife was so happy when I asked her to pick out a book for me to take on my business trip to Louisiana last year.  I knew that the computer I was taking with me couldn’t play video games made in the last decade and I’m too cheap to buy the in-flight internet so I figured that I would have some time on my hands to finally read.

Anyways, a long way back, I watched The Dresden Files on Hulu and liked it well enough. My wife had thought for a while that I would probably enjoy the series due to the sense of humor and adventure in them, so I asked to borrow the first book, Storm Front. As it turns out, I finished the book so quickly that I should have asked to borrow the second book as well.

More on what I liked on Wednesday.

– Written by The Husband of the Bookwyrm