So, having graduated and earned my BA, I now get to answer the fun question of What To Do With An English Degree. And, of course, while I ponder this question, my mind goes to…

Pride & Prejudice!!!

See, I do have an idea of what I want to do. I want to be an editor, preferably for books. I could also happily edit and ghost write for magazines and blogs though – and I’ve taken what steps I can towards getting actual experience in these fields so that I’m not jumping in totally cold and inexperienced. But, even with this groundwork that I’m laying, I actually have no idea of how long it will take for me to land a job in my desired field, much less my “dream job”.

So, the question now is, am I going to be Lizzy or Charlotte?

Lizzy said that nothing short of the deepest love was going to induce her into matrimony – and she held out for it. At the risk of dying a poverty-stricken old maid with no home of her own, she refused to settle for anything less than her ideal. And, let’s face it, it did pay off for her.

Charlotte, on the other hand, made a very practical choice and “settled” for a comfortable home and a secure future, even if it meant that she didn’t have a steamy romance. As she seemed very content with her choice even at the end of the book, we must conclude that it paid off for her as well.

How these musings apply to me goes into how far outside my field am I willing to look for a steady job. Do  I take what I can find that pays well and ensure a steady income for the Beloved Husband and I? Or do I hold out for that dream editing job somewhere in the nebulous future and only pursue jobs in that field?

And how much of this do I have to decide now?

Will I be Charlotte or Lizzy?