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Brain Fart

I swear I had thought of something to write about today. It was all catchy and clever and involved more than just a picture of a few lines of text.

And I’ve forgotten!

It wasn’t a book review (though those need to start up again soon for reals). It wasn’t a rant… it was some sort of musing on something bookish. It was gonna be awesome.

For now, here’s a picture of a cat reading a book.



Day 16 – Hey! Check This Out!

Today’s prompt is:

“Do you recommend books? If you could force everyone in the world to read one book, what would it be?”

I do recommend books to family and friends, though whether or not those books get read, I dunno. ūüėČ

If I could force the world to read one book, I would probably make that book the Bible.

Religious and spiritual reasons aside, so much of Western culture’s literature and movies are based in the Bible, that reading it is really beneficial to understanding the vast majority of our story culture. As and English Major, I often feel like I’m playing “6 Degrees of Biblical Influence”. Any book you read (in the Western tradition at least) can have at least one of its major themes or plot devices traced back to the Bible. It’s pretty fun, actually.

So, there we go – my book recommendation.

Day 13 – “Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be”… Even With Books?

Today’s prompt is:

“What about borrowing? Do you use your local library or borrow books from friends? And lending – do you lend out your books?”

Well, I covered the topic of my lending laws in an earlier post which, since I’m lazy, I will repost here:

I love borrowing books (usually only from select few, because I am notorious for taking my time to return them – they¬†will¬†be returned… it just might take a while), but, like any good bookwyrm, I actually guard my own library hoard really closely.

Basically, if I let you borrow a book, I trust you with my life.

I do have a few rules though:

  1. The book will come back to me in the same (or better) condition than it left me.
  2. Pets will not be allowed near said book. Neither will toddlers Рboth jeopardize Rule #1.
  3. My book may go with you to the park or to the office (though I’d rather it not), but I draw the line at it leaving the county. Leaving the state is also a no-no. Leaving the country is right out.

That’s actually really about it – I’m much less draconian about the whole thing than one would think. However, I have been known to get snarly if I find one of my books has been mistreated (The Beloved Husband is currently on the receiving end of my displeasure because he dripped hot chocolate on my copy of¬†Fool Moon).

Anyways, what are your lending laws, if you lend out your babies books at all?

When it comes to my own borrowing, as I mentioned above, I am a fast reader, but very slow at giving books back, so I really only borrow books from my one cousin and my mother. I mention my bad habit to everyone else, and if they insist on lending me the book in spite of it, I consider them duly warned and proceed at my own pace.

That being said, I love my local library and I use it pretty frequently, especially now that I live across the street from one of its branches! Just have the books delivered there, take a nice walk, and come home ready to sip tea and delve into a good story!


Day 11 – Birthday Books!

It’s my birthday :D, so today’s prompt is:

Book Tolkien LOTR One Volume Houghton Mifflin 1974 Hardcover Redbook

“Best Birthday Books Ever!!!”

I’m actually more likely to receive books for Christmas than for my birthday; birthdays usually bring about DVDs and music… but…

I have, on a few occasions, gotten books on my birthday.

The coolest book I’ve gotten was my leather-bound, gilt-edged, three-in-one copy of¬†The Lord of the Rings trilogy. So awesome! The most fun I’ve had was when my cousin took me book shopping. We went to one of our local used bookstores and browsed the Fantasy and Romance sections. She got me some¬†Elemental Masters novels by Mercedes Lackey and the Julie Garwood novel that I had been missing. It was great! ūüôā

So, what’s the best book you’ve ever received (birthday, Christmas, doesn’t matter)?

Day 10 – The Eccentricities and Idiosyncrasies of a Bookwyrm

Today’s prompt is a fun one!

“What is your most interesting or your strangest reading quirk?”

Well, the Beloved Husband says that the one that he notices the most is that I cannot be interrupted when I’m reading a new book. I guess that is true – there is no “reading in stages” for me; it’s all about the marathon reads.

To that end, since I really do have to finish books in one sitting, I usually start reading in the evening, after I’ve finished everything that I needed to do that day. This does pose certain problems of its own though, the most notable of which is the looming bedtime. I am no stranger to putting the book away and turning out the light, only to wait til the Beloved Husband is asleep and snoring before turning the light back on to finish my book. Those late nights make for “fun” mornings and long workdays. ūüėē

I would say that the quirk that has earned me the most funny looks from other people is my tendency to interact with the text verbally. This includes, but is not limited to, loud¬†exclamations of “Hey!” and “What are you thinking, idjit??”, or the infamous “Oh, don’t you dare!!”. Sniffs, snorts, huffs, indignant squeaks, and various other sounds of both amusement and protest are frequent as well.


Day 2 – Bonding Over Books

Today’s prompt is:

“What is your earliest memory of reading or being read to?”


Well, I have clear memory as far back as age three, and I know my parents were reading to me around that time… so there we go. And I’m pretty sure that Mom continued to read to me and with ¬†up through 4th grade, at least.

Books were divided into two categories РMom books and Dad books. Mom read me faerie tales, my Little Golden Books, and, as I got older, books like The Hobbit, The Little Princess, and The Secret Garden. Dad read me stories that required funny voices like my Sylvester and Tweety picture book, Dr. Seuss, or Handy Dandy Helpful Hal. 

Mom usually read to me in the afternoon – we’d sit on the couch under our big bay window and she’d read aloud (though¬†The Hobbit was a bedtime story – a chapter a night), while Dad usually read to me in the evenings as a pre-bed, winding-down activity – same couch, but we’d cuddle in the corner with pillows and blankets.

DinosbyDesignI started reading fairly early on. I remember sitting on the floor of my room reading my Berenstain Bears books or my Cat in the Hat books.

Another favorite, by the time I was five, was Dinosaurs by Design Рwhich had pictures and skeletal diagrams of various dinos, as well as information about what continent their fossils were found on, what prehistoric period they were thought to have existed in, and how big they were compared to humans. My favorites with the Deinonychus and the Compsognathus and for the longest time, I wanted to be a paleontologist.

So, books have been a part of my life for literally as long as I can remember. The constant exposure to reading and books at an early age fostered a love of stories and storytelling that has stuck with me even now.

Day 1 – What to Buy Next…

4a094fe462707d4d76a9deebfd4c2a75So I’ve decided to try to do a blog entry every day during the month of March – 30 Days of Books style. We’ll see how this works out.

Anyways, today’s prompt is:

“What is the next book that you want to acquire?”

Silly question, asking about a singular book… as if I could choose just one!

Well, Jim Butcher’s¬†Cold Days is high up on the list because it’s due out in paperback pretty soon and I want to add it to the collection. I’d also like to acquire the last two books in Ursula K. Le Guin’s¬†Earthsea¬†quartet –¬†The Farthest Shore¬†and¬†Tenahu. And there’s also the next book in the¬†Iron Druid Chronicles –¬†Hunted, but that one isn’t due out til June.

Luckily, my birthday is coming up soon, so I’ll have the chance to get a few of these books, and maybe some others that I haven’t listed!

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